Caleb and Ecko Stein

your missionaries to Trujillo, Peru

February 2013, vol. 5.3


Dates to Remember


Feb 25:

Peru Visa Decision


March 24: Commissioning Service


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Peru Visa Update


Date: February 25


Problem:  In July 2011 Peru's president decided to change Peru's religious visa policies. The new law went into effect January 18, 2013. BMM Peru submitted paperwork to retain our current visa. We will find out if our application was accepted on Feb. 25. We will learn what effect this might have on future ministry plans at that time.


More Information: go to our website to see our January updates. They are found under the Ministry Information menu.


Commissioning Service


Date: Sunday, March 25, 2013


Time: 5:00 PM


Place: Calvary Baptist, Watertown, WI


Who Is Invited: You! Anyone is welcome to join our church family for this night when our church formally commissions us to serve in Peru. Please come if you are able.

We'd love to hear from you!




116 W North Street

Silver Lake, WI 53170

Support Update

81% and Growing!


Since January 1 God had provided four new churches and four new individuals to partner with us (an 11.5% increase). We are so thankful for these partnerships that God continues to grow. By God's grace we should complete our deputation in the coming months and move on to the next step of our journey: language school!

Leaving for Language School


We are moving steadily towards leaving for language school. For the past months we have prayed that God would allow us to leave for school in Costa Rica in May. We are close to the 85% support goal we need to commit to school. We praise God for the progress. 


Over the past weeks we have continued to pray for God's leading and have decided that it is best for us to leave later in the year. This means that we will leave for language school in July or August of this year. This plan is contingent on God providing the rest of our needed funds. We expect that God will provide for our financial needs and continue to prepare us for leaving.


Please pray with us as we prepare to leave.

  • Pray that God provides the rest of our support. We are praying for five more churches or individuals to join us by the end of March. If you would like to partner with us financially, click here.
  • Pray for wisdom as we determine what belongings need to go with us and the best way to transport them to Peru
  • Pray that we get our documents (passports and visas, primarily), medical exams, and other details arranged in a timely manner.
  • Pray that Caleb will finish his ThM thesis and successfully defend it by May. 
  • Pray for our kids as they continue to understand what moving overseas entails (for example, moving away from family, friends, and everything familiar).


Upcoming Travels


Over the next eight weeks we have meetings in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Iowa. We have lots of driving and good opportunities to share God's work in Peru with potential and current financial supporters. Pray for safety, strength, and health. And pray that God will work in the hearts of those to whom we minister. 

A Heartfelt Valentine's Day Thank You


Your financial gifts and prayers are wonderful blessing and encouragement to us. Thank you for your vital part in our ministry. God is faithful every day and we trust in His care and provision. We are praying for you and your ministry.


Until all have heard,

Caleb, Ecko, Joe, Jack, Isabel, and Isaac Stein


Our Mission: Baptist Mid-Missions, Cleveland, OH


Our Sending Church: Calvary Baptist, Watertown, WI