November 2010 Prayer Letter

Hello praying family and friends,

We are charging ahead into our second year of deputation. It is hard to imagine that we are in the last months of 2010. It has been a year filled with lots of travel and meetings, and we are thankful that God has continued to lead us and provide for our needs as we follow Him on this journey to Peru.

Deputation Update

God has given us the privilege of continuing to have meetings here in Wisconsin. We are still scheduling meetings with Wisconsin churches, and look forward to receiving more support from area churches in the coming months. What a blessing to see God work in the hearts of believers in our home state to see His work done in Peru. 

 Did You Know?

 Trujillo is located in the Moche River valley. This valley was home to the Moche (200 B.C. – 700 A.D) and Chimu (850 A.D – 1470 A.D.) civilizations. The Chan Chan complex, the heart of the Chimu Empire, is one of the most important archaeological sites in Peru. It is the largest adobe brick city in the world (the outer walls are 40-50 feet high and the complex covers nearly 10 square miles), and once housed nearly 30,000 people.


News from Peru

 The evening of October 17, the city of Urubamba (home to our mission station in the Andes) was covered by a mud slide from a glacier above the city. This mudslide buried the city in mud and stopped the fresh water supply for a time.

Our missionaries have been working closely with the community to help with the cleanup and health issues. There are still concerns: a typhoid outbreak at the seminary and the possibility of another mudslide. Please pray for the cleanup efforts (the work is slow) and for the witnessing efforts of our churches there. God is using this difficult time to allow the gospel to go forth. Pray that God's work will continue in this needy place during this needy time.

You can check out video of the devastation here:

Prayer Requests and Praises

       We have recently added new support and are now at 17%.

       Praise God for the new support. We have at least 6 churches voting on us in the next 3 months. Pray that God will continue to provide.

       We are scheduling meetings for next year. Pray that we will find open doors to share God's work.

We rejoice that we have the opportunity to follow God on this journey to Peru. Thank you for your continued prayers. Thank you for your financial support. We are indebted to you for your invaluable part in our ministry.

Remember to pray for Peru!

Until all have heard,                       

Caleb, Ecko, Joseph, Jack, and Isabel Stein