Caleb and Ecko Stein


your missionaries on deputation to Trujillo, Peru


November 2011, Volume 3.5





Most of the leaves have fallen from the trees. The days are getting colder and shorter. Winter is coming soon. For many in the United States this is a reminder that the Christmas season will soon be upon us. The stores are decked out with Christmas displays, the TV and newspaper ads include not-so-subtle reminders of your need to buy the latest toys and gadgets, and society is rushing headlong to the "most important" holiday of the year.


But, there is one important holiday that is often overlooked:  Thanksgiving.  For many people, Thanksgiving is the forgotten holiday: Thanksgiving is all about giving to someone else; Christmas is all about getting from everyone else. We celebrate Thanksgiving because of God's goodness to our nation and our families. In the midst of the holiday celebrations--food, family, and sports--be sure to take time to thank God for His goodness to you.


Even if God never gave me any other thing or did anything on my behalf, I am commanded to be thankful (1 Thessalonians 5:18). What reason do I have to be thankful? I am saved, I am His child, and He promises that He is preparing a home in heaven for me. That's already more than I deserve. He is always good.

Deputation Update


We had the opportunity to be in 3 missions conferences to start November. We had such a wonderful time making new friends, sharing the ministries of Peru, and hearing of God's work all over the world. Before we left, we prayed that God would enable each of the churches we visited to partner with us for ministry in Peru.


We are thankful to report that God is working to answer those prayers. The first 2 churches have indicated that they should be able to support us in the coming weeks. The 3rd church voted to support us while we were at their conference! We also received a generous financial gift from one of the churches. God used this money to provide for some specific financial needs. We praise God for using these churches to encourage us and remind us of God's love for us.



Support Update


We are currently at 35%! We praise God for the addition of 3 new churches since our last update. Continue to pray with us that God will enable other churches to partner with us. We know of 5 that are working toward that goal. We are praying that God will bring us to 50% by the end of this year and allow us to finish deputation in 2012. We are confident He can do this.


Until all have heard,

Caleb, Ecko, Joseph, Jack, and Isabel Stein

give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: because his mercy endureth for ever.

Psalm 106:1




Upcoming Events



Meetings in West Central WI



Meeting in Northwestern WI



Caleb and Ecko in Peru!



Meeting in East Central WI



Meeting in Southeastern WI



Prayer and Praise


Praise God for new financial support!


Praise God for safety during our travels and for opportunities to minister.


Praise God for directly answering our prayers.


Pray for our upcoming trip to Peru: that we would be refreshed; that we would encourage our coworkers; and that God would strengthen our burden for His work in Peru.


Pray for our 2012 schedule. God is supplying meetings.




We are commissioned by:
Calvary Baptist Church, Watertown, WI


We are sent out under:
Baptist Mid-Missions, Cleveland, OH

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