volume 3.4

Caleb and Ecko Stein                                       

...taking the Water of Life to the deserts of Peru

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

Therefore will not we fear, though the earth be removed, and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea;

Though the waters thereof roar and be troubled, though the mountains shake with the swelling thereof.

Psalm 46:1-3



Summer News

Where God has led us


We have arrived safely home from our summer on the road. In the end, we visited 18 churches in 8 states and 1 foreign country (Canada) between June 5 and September 5. We drove about 11,500 miles through 14 different states and Canada.


It was a blessing to participate in ministry in each of the churches we visited. We are tired, yes, but very encouraged from the time we have spent with God's people.

We are excited about the opportunities God will give us to partner with some of these churches in the future as we pursue ministry in Peru.

Looking Ahead
Where God will take us

The end of summer does not signal the end of deputation. We are excited about the meetings and missions conferences God has for us in the coming months. Will you pray that God will prepare the hearts of people in churches where we will minister? Some of the pastors have indicated a desire to take us on for support after we present our ministry, contingent on funds being available. Pray that God will work clearly.


Caleb and Ecko will be headed down to Peru in December for about 3 weeks. We look forward to the time with our coworkers, the opportunity to experience a Peruvian summer (not to be confused with a Peruvian winter, though they are nearly the same), and the chance to renew our vision for God's work in Peru. Pray that the trip will be profitable and that we will be a blessing to our team.

The Only Rock

Peace in the Midst of Trouble

The Eastern Coast of the United States experienced a very unexpected 5.8 magnitude earthquake on August 23. The quake was felt as far west as Chicago. Many of the people who felt the tremor were quite concerned because of it. It seemed like all the news people could talk about as we drove through Chicago that afternoon on the way home from the East Coast.


Not to be outdone, Peru answered the challenge the next day with a 6.8 magnitude quake centered in Pucallpa. This earthquake did little damage (unlike the 8.0 quake that hit along the coast in 2007--pictured above). Earthquakes are fairly commonplace in Peru, so a slight tremor every so often comes as no surprise.


When I heard of the earthquakes I was quickly reminded of my need to trust in God. God has been teaching us a lot about trust through these months on deputation, perhaps more than we realized we needed to learn.


More than just finances and health, we need to trust God with everything. Our only hope is found in Him. Our only help comes from Him. Our only refuge should be Him. I know this and I'm sure you do, too. But God sometimes sends the unexpected to reminds us.

Peru Facts

We are often asked a specific question by young people: "What kinds of animals do you have in Peru?" The easy answer is: "Almost all of them." Peru contains great evidence of our God's creative activity. In Peru, there are:

  • 460 different kinds of mammals
  • 1,720 varieties of birds
  • 332 types of amphibians
  • 360 different kinds of reptiles
  • About 4,000 different butterflies
  • Uncountable varieties of insects (one living tree in the Peruvian Amazon has more species of ants than all of the British Isles)
  • 40-50 thousand different plant species


Thank you for your vital work of prayer for our mission work. We pray that we will be faithful in God's work so that God is glorified, lives are changed, and rewards are laid up in heaven on your account. Thank you for interceding for us.


Until all have heard,

Caleb, Ecko, Joe, Jack, and Isabel Stein

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Calvary Baptist Church, Watertown, WI



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Baptist Mid-Missions, Cleveland, OH



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Caleb and Ecko Stein....taking the Water of Life to the deserts of Peru